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How much square footage will one gallon of interior paint cover?

Typically, one gallon of paint will cover 400 sq/ft with one coat. Due to application variances, we recommend using two coats of paint to achieve the desired concealment and coverage.


Why does the paint look different on my walls than it did on the paint chip in the store?
Paint colors will look different depending on the amount and type of light in any given room or area. We always suggest bringing home a sample of the paint color to put on your wall. This will show you how the surroundings affect the color. Depending on the amount of sunlight and the other accent colors in the room, the paint color may appear different at home than it did when you selected it.


Do I need to prime my walls before painting?

If you already have an existing painted finish on your walls, you may not need to prime. But if you are painting new construction, or you are covering a very dark color with a light one, you want to use a primer as your first step. Primer will help prevent bleed-through from darker colors and make painting easier by giving the new paint something to bind to on your walls.


Is there something special I need to do to my walls before I paint if I stripped off wallpaper?

You want to prime wallpaper-stripped walls with an alkyd primer once all the glue and residue from the paper has been removed. This primer will prohibit any residual moisture from seeping through the new paint and appearing on your walls as water spots. Once the alkyd primer has been applied, you may apply either an alkyd- or acrylic-based paint in the color of your choice.


If you have any other questions regarding paint or wallpaper, please contact your nearest location for our experts to assist you.

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