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Manor Hall Interior

PPG Manor Hall Paint

This super premium paint and primer and stain repellent in one formula resists household stains while maintaining the application ease that our customers expect. Manor Hall Interior Paint, Primer & Stain Repellent in One is a super premium latex that was developed to resist household stains through the combination of resin and proprietary formulation.

The 100% acrylic latex has outstanding adhesion and coverage and offers a burnish and mildew resistant coating, providing the durability for use in high humidity and high traffic areas. Outstanding hiding is aided by excellent flow and leveling which provides a rich, smooth film for a beautiful finish.

Manor Hall Exterior

PPG Manor Hall Exterior Paint

Evident in every can of PPG Pittsburgh Paints® Manor Hall is an historic heritage of quality spanning more than 100 years. Only the very finest products, backed by decades of research testing, are worthy of carrying on the Manor Hall tradition. Synonymous with ageless beauty, Manor Hall continues to be the trusted choice for even the most discerning homeowner.

Protected with ManorShield™ urethane technology, Manor Hall exterior provides extraordinary durability and protection against the harsh outdoor elements. Manor Hall with PPG’s SidingSafe™ Color Technology provides a broad spectrum of color choices for use on aluminum, architectural plastic, composite, fiber cement, vinyl, and wood siding and trim.

Timeless Interior and Exterior Paint


PPG Timeless Interior Paint

The Toughest, Most Wear Resistant Finish is comprised of Scrubbability, Stain Resistance, Burnish Resistance and Adhesion. 

  • You can count on PPG Timeless to look and stay beautiful even after repeated scrubbings. 
  • Accidents happen. So PPG Timeless is formulated to resist stains, making them easy to remove.
  • You won’t have to worry about shiny or polished imperfections from washing your walls. PPG Timeless is burnish resistant. 
  • You can feel confident in your work, knowing that PPG Timeless adheres to the most difficult surfaces. 


PPG Timeless Exterior Paint

The Best Resistance to Extreme Weather is comprised of Dirt Resistance, UV Resistance and Cyclic Environmental Testing. 

  • Keep your home’s exterior clean by relying on the dirt resistance of PPG Timeless.  
  • PPG Timeless provides UV resistance, allowing your exterior surface to stay beautiful and protected. 
  • The tough finish of PPG Timeless provides peace of mind, knowing that it resists cracking and peeling, even under the most extreme temperature and moisture conditions.


Hollandlac Brilliant 

Fine Paints of Europe

Interior or exterior, marine quality, oil based, ultra high-gloss enamel
Surfaces: Wood, plaster, wallboard, plastic and all metals
Applications: Windows, doors, floors, trim, railing, cabinets, wainscoting, furniture, machinery, exterior architectural facades, shutters, garden furniture, gazebos, trellises, wooden and wrought iron, fences, floors, exterior decks and porches, and boats – HOLLANDLAC Brilliant may be used to create dramatic impact when applied to walls and ceilings.
HOLLANDLAC Brilliant is available in white, 10,000 FPE colors, 3,000 Pantone colors and an unlimited number of custom tinted colors.


Redefining the Art of Color

C2 Paint is synonymous with superior paint color —and that's no accident. We have invested in the finest ingredients, a one-of-a-kind colorant system and exclusive technology to create sophisticated, alluring choices that awaken our appreciation for the natural world. It's the dynamic blend of artisanship and innovation that allows our full-spectrum paint colors to achieve premium product performance and unmatched luminosity.

C2 Luxe

C2 Luxe

Our premiere product blends leading-edge technology and rare, artist-grade pigments to create extraordinary color with exceptional vibrancy, coverage and a lustrous, refined hand. It’s this dynamic blend of artisanship and innovation that allows our full-spectrum colors to achieve a luminosity and vibrancy that is unmatched in the industry.

Coronado Grand paint

Coronado Grand™ is an acrylic paint and primer designed to provide exceptional washability, durability and coverage. Easy to apply with great flow and leveling for a beautiful finish, Grand is a first-class paint that enlivens any room.

  • Dries to a smooth finish
  • Withstands frequent cleanings
  • Exceptional durablity
  • Easy application
  • Low VOC
Coronado Grand Website
Farrow & Ball Paint

Ask us what the single most important characteristic that makes Farrow & Ball paint so very special is, and we’ll tell you this…It’s the extraordinary way our deep and richly pigmented colours respond to light throughout the day, bringing walls to life.

This distinctive Farrow & Ball look can be made uniquely yours, inside and out, wherever you live and whatever your style.

From subtle neutrals and muted pastels, to lively accents and rich dark hues, each of our 132 colours has been created with care and thought to ensure they work beautifully alone or as part of a scheme in homes both old and new.

Every one of our 132 colours is available in a full range of durable interior and exterior paint finishes. From our signature matte Estate Emulsion to our high shine Full Gloss, we rigorously test each batch of paint and roll of wallpaper for richness and durability to ensure the best possible long lasting performance for your home.

Visit Maryland Paint to decide which Farrow & Ball finish is perfect for your project!

Modern Masters Metallic paint

Modern Masters® combined the ancient art of patinization with modern-day paint technology to create Metal Effects® Decorative Painting System. This complete finishing system is designed to create a variety of beautiful oxidized metal finishes on any paintable surface.
Modern Masters offers its Metallic Paint as an elegant alternative to ordinary latex paint solutions. It's simple: just substitute ordinary latex paint with one of the beautiful shimmering metallic paints. You need neither artistic talent nor special skills to transform your project from ordinary to extraordinary.

Modern Masters Website